Business Environment

The geographical location of the terminals provides the shortest distance to Europe's main ports.


The holding has unique technological equipment and an experienced team of specialists; more than 430 employees.


SIA VK Tranzīts is a holding company, which unites several of the largest companies of the Freeport of Ventspils.


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Current purchases

Areas of Operation

We can offer partners working in the industry with the opportunity to implement their new investment and development projects directly with us - on the ice-free Baltic Sea coast, in Ventspils, using the advantages of the Freeport of Ventspils infrastructure and the knowledge and experience of our professional team in the implementation of large projects.

Research and implementation of investment and development projects

Research and implementation of new investment and development projects, for which the proximity of Ventspils Port and the improved infrastructure provide competitive advantages.

Production of biodiesel and other by-products

The largest biodiesel production complex in the Baltic states, with a maximum capacity of 100,000 tonnes of biodiesel per annum. The plant also produces feed rapeseed cakes, pharmaceutical grade glycerine and mineral fertilisers (potassium sulphate).

Light petroleum product, liquid ammonia and petrochemical product handling services

Cooperation in the field of product handling and storage, and exclusive tank rental opportunities.

Forwarding services

Forwarding services, providing all the necessary activities related to the management of the cargo transportation process for transit in the territory of the Republic of Latvia, including the organisation of cargo transportation by rail, receipt and dispatch of cargo, customs clearance, execution of bills of lading, search for logistics solutions.

Wholesale of various products

Biodiesel, rapeseed cake, rapeseed oil, rapeseed, glycerine, methanol, liquid ammonia, caustic soda solution.

Logistics solutions

Development of individual logistics solutions for cargo transshipment corresponding to the customer's needs, using the extensive logistics opportunities provided by the port of Ventspils.

Services of an accredited laboratory

Testing of chemical products, oil and petroleum products, determination of fatty acid methyl ester in diesel, testing of water, vegetable oil and plant seeds, determination of air and ambient air parameters, physical testing of work environment lighting, chemical and physical-chemical testing of animal feed are offered for samples delivered to the laboratory.

Services of the Fire and Rescue Service

We provide fire-fighting and rescue services for oil products and chemical products, as well as emergency response services.