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The Baltic region has always been a crossroads of Western and Eastern business interests. The inexhaustible natural resources coming from the East not only fully meet their production needs, but also allow them to export the widest range of petroleum and chemical products to the West.

Their constant influx, in turn, helps to ensure a continuous industrial and economic process throughout the world. Access to versatile transport infrastructure allows the development of freight flow in the Eastern direction.



This is why it is important for this region to have a reliable intermediary who works to high efficiency and flexibility standards and who, thanks to its extensive specialist experience, geographical location and modern technology, is able to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective services on the trade road.

The port of Ventspils is an important transit centre. The versatile and non-freezing port of Ventspils provides fast and high-quality cargo service.
The Freeport of Ventspils has the status of a special economic zone. Businesses operating here are offered a number of business incentives, including up to an 80% rebate on real property tax and corporate income tax as well as significant reductions in value added tax, excise duty and customs duties.

Terminals of the holding have access to the sea, so it is possible to service ships during all seasons and in practically any weather conditions. The geographical location of the terminals ensures the shortest distance to the main ports in Europe.
The companies included in the holding plan to continue development in the future, ensuring consistently high customer service standards and improving the quality of services and products according to the needs of customers.

We can offer partners working in the industry the opportunity to implement their new investment and development projects directly with us - on the ice-free Baltic Sea coast, in Ventspils, using the advantages of the Freeport of Ventspils infrastructure and laws and regulations, and the knowledge and experience of our professional team in the implementation of large projects.


To promote the success of our clients' business with support rooted in knowledge, unique market expertise and experience. We provide excellent management services to provide our clients with complete confidence in business growth, security and efficiency, both today and in the future.


Support you can trust.


Growth. Our passion is to learn, improve and innovate.

Ambitions. We set high goals and persistently achieve them.

Cooperation. We accomplish more when we share knowledge and join forces.

Looking forward. We seize the opportunities for change and invest wisely in tomorrow.

Confidence. We are a team of strong characters.