Renārs Pūce

Chairman of the Board
Today, the speed of change determines the future success vector of the company. Therefore, the professionalism of the team and the ability to constantly improve themselves and demand it from others is especially important.

Jana Dzirvinska

Public Relations Specialist
Mob. phone: +371 27045999

Dmitrijs Vihovaņecs

Head of Customer Service
The main thing is to create the value of cooperation in the Customer's mind as well as show them their exact benefits from cooperation with our company.

Vjačeslavs Verņuks

Director of the Machinery and Technology Department
Only continuous analysis of own decisions, identifying weaknesses, provides confidence in future growth.

Egils Staris

Director of the Financial Department
Today's result depends on what was done yesterday, last month and even several years ago. So that tomorrow, in a week and a year you can be proud of what you have done, you must not stop at what has been achieved today.

Jekaterina Bodarova

Head of the Accounting Records Division
Nowadays, the list of accounting tasks is supplemented by information analysis, problem solving and promotion of change. Therefore, it is important not only to deal with numbers, but also to maintain critical thinking, communicate effectively and educate constantly.

Inese Reitere

Head of Human Resources
We care about our employees as much as we care about our customers, and our team has purposeful, meaningful and responsible work, opportunities for professional growth and always satisfaction for what we have done!

Kristīne Šauriņa

Head of the IT Division
Today, the use of information technology is an essential part of a successful business and our daily lives. However, the challenge and the art is to balance their use so that technology is a support, not a determinant of the rhythm of life.

Oļesja Anpilogova

Head of the Procurement Division
In the field of procurement, the most important thing is to analyse the situation and approach the process creatively in order to obtain the best conditions for the efficient and effective operation of the company. Those who are not afraid to take risks are not afraid to be the first!